"He remembers those vanished years.
As though looking through a dusty window pane,
the past is something he could see, but not touch.
And everything he sees is blurred and indistinct."

(In the mood for love, Wong Kar-wai)

matthieu alexandre
b.1974 in Paris, France

I took my first photo when I was 15. I learned to develop and print my photos with Dominique G. Boniface who was assistant to Ralph Gibson. For 5 years I only photographed with a 50mm lens and 24x36 black & white film exposed and developed at 400 iso. I set up my own darkroom and exhibited and sold my first prints when I was 18. At age 21, I left for a 2 month trip to China with a Leica M for only camera, a 50mm lens and 25 rolls of black & white 36 exposures film. On my return, I offer my services to various NGOs. I am going to India on assignment and my photographs are exhibited in various galleries of the FNAC in France.
I am starting my first documentary work with the Emmaüs communities founded by French priest Abbé Pierre. A work that I will develop in 7 countries for 10 years. My work is distributed by Sygma photo agency and my black & white photographs are published in a weekly magazine for the first time in 1999. For the next 20 years I have produced photo reports for various NGOs in nearly 30 countries. From 2013 until 2018 I worked as a photoreporter for Agence France Presse and Associated Press. I did cover the humanitarian crisis in Centrafrica, the earthquake aftermaths in Nepal, the crisis in eastern Ukraine, the migrations flows in Greece and Macedonia, the draught in South Sudan and the Attacks in Paris. My photographs are published mainly in the daily newspapers (Le Monde, Libération, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Independent...).
In 2019 I co-founded inTERREviews, returning to an author approach focusing on environmental and human rights issues.

Using Leica cameras and lenses since 1993
& Focomat enlarger with Focotar lens since 1996