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matthieu alexandre
b. 1974 Paris (France)
I am an independent, French peace correspondent based in Paris.

It was perhaps because I took my first photos of Cree Indians at the age of 15 in Canada that I decided to study sociology and anthropology before working as a photojournalist. My work focuses on humanitarian aid, social and environmental stories for international media and NGOs. I aim at producing long-term documentary photo essays. I have traveled to more than 50 countries among which South Sudan, Eastern Ukraine, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, India, Nepal, Niger, Rwanda, Brazil, Canada arctic... 

My photographs were first distributed by Agence Sygma, Corbis and agence VU. Then I have worked regularly with Agence France Presse (AFP) and Associated Press (AP) until 2018. My photographs have been published worldwide (Le Monde, Libération, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Guardian, The Times...) and have been exhibited in New York, Montreal, Geneva, Rome and Paris.

In 2019, I co-founded with Marjolaine Edouard. We produce photo essays, texts and videos focused on social and environmental issues. 


 "Pose café" 
(selfportrait, 2017)


You will find more feature stories on
On you will find some of the video reportages I produced together with Marjolaine.
If you want to know what I have learned about the world through my work as a photojournalist you can read this
interview I answered in 2011...

Matthieu is the co-writer of a comic strip “La Farce des Hommes Foudre" (Casterman, 2018) - Best screenplay award at Festival de la Bande-dessinée de Moulins (Festi'BD 2019) and the author of two short stories inspired by his reportages in Moldova and Northern Ireland: “Fleur de Pâques” and Les arbres de fées” (Edilivre, 2017). His photographs are also published in "Circumpolaris" by Eric Brossier and France Pinczon du Sel (Glenat, 2007) - Prix de l'Académie de Marine 2008"Le Pain par Poilâne" by Lionel and Apollonia Poilâne (Cherche Midi, 2005), "Victoire d'un Vagabond" (Loisirs Nautiques, 2003), "Les Combats d'Emmaüs" by Denis Lefevre (Cherche Midi, 1999).

The photo lab Negatif + which produced two of my exhibitions in Paris offers fine art prints at

The prices of my prints are not defined according to the size of the prints but to copyright. 
And I don't offer poster-type formats but the size that I have been enlarging in my own darkroom for years :  20x30 cm (8 x 12 in) and 40x50 cm (16 x20 in)

exhibitions & slideshows
1999 Enfants du Népal  Award "Bourses de l'aventure de la Mairie de Paris", exhibited at Espace Bourdon (Paris, France) 
1999 Emmaüs, les coulisses d'une communauté exhibition at Hotel de ville (Mantes-la-Jolie, France)
1999 Workless Hopeful Workers (Emmaüs around the World) 
exhibition at "Festival du scoop et du journalisme" (Angers, France)
2004 Workless Hopeful Workers (Emmaüs around the World) shorlisted at "Visa pour l'image" (Perpignan, France)
2010 Iraqi refugees in the Middle East shorlisted at "Anthropographia Awards for Human Rights" (Montreal, Canada)
2010 Anthropographia : Les droits humains et la photographie exhibition at "Festival du film et forum international sur les droit humains" FIFDH (Geneva, Switzerland)
2010 Iraqi refugees in the Middle East 
exhibition at "New York Photo Festival" NYPF (New York, USA)
2010 Iraqi refugees in the Middle East 
exhibition at "Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie" (Paspébiac, Canada)
2010 Iraqi refugees in the Middle East 
exhibition at "World Press Photo" (Montréal, Canada)
2010 Iraqi refugees in the Middle East 
exhibition at "FotoGrafia Festival" (Roma, Italy)
2015 Syrian refugees in Lebanon 
exhibition at "Expo2015" (Milano, Italy)
2015 Crisis in Centrafrica 
exhibition at "Les Journées du Secours Catholique" (Lourdes, France)
2015 Nepal earthquake : two months after slideshow at "Colloque du groupe France-Népal" at Senat (Paris, France)
2016 Nepal earthquake : one year on slideshow at "Journée conférence du groupe France-Népal" at Assemblée Nationale (Paris, France)
2018 Regards sur l'Elysée collective exhibition at "Les Journées du Patrimoine" at the Elysee Presidential Palace (Paris, France) 
2019 Crisis in Centrafrica 
exhibition at "La SAIF a 20 ans" collective exhibition at Espace Niemeyer (Paris, France) 
2020 The 5Oth anniversary of the 1947 Peace Jamboree at "Musée de la Ballonnière et du Jamborée de 1947" (Moisson, France) 
exhibition postponed due to the covid crisis


"Regards sur l'Elysée"  
(Paris, 2018)
collective exhibition "Journées du Patrimoine" at the Elysee Presidential Palace